Seat Cover By Color

Colors are a reflection of one’s personality. Katzkin has over 100 different colors and materials to help you create the perfect combination to make the interior of your car reflect who you are and what you stand for. We use premium leather custom fit for the front seats and the back seats of all cars, trucks, vans, and more. We specialize in upgrading cloth seats to something more robust. From blacks and reds to two-tone seats, Katzkin always has the perfect fit for you. Which of the following colors best represents you?

Black Leather Seat Covers

Black leather is always a popular choice. There’s something about black that just pops, especially when it’s on something more than just faux leather. Check out some of the interiors we have done with real black leather.

Red Leather Seat Covers

Red leather looks great on bucket seats and on the headrest. At Katzkin, we love good quality red leather in the front and rear seats. If you want something fun and sexy, definitely consider red seats.

White Leather Seat Covers

White leather vehicle seats are a fun alternative to more traditional seat covers. A white cover set looks great and is an easy way to make your whole car feel completely brand new again.

Orange Leather Seat Covers

Katzkin’s orange and black leather seat options can transform your vehicle to give it a fierce look that would make even tigers jealous. And when installed professionally, custom fit, Katzkin leather seats will fit your vehicle like a glove.

Tan Leather Seat Covers

Tan leather seats are a solid option that looks great on most cars and SUVs. It has always been a favorite interior color that has stands the test of time. Katzkin uses premium leather, not leatherette, to get that look that will make you love getting into your car for that morning commute.

Brown Leather Seat Covers

A full set of brown leather seats can give any automobile a new look. Brown is a solid choice and can be various shades of brown that can be light and dark. Click here to see some of the unique ways we can do brown interiors better than traditional seat covers.

Green Leather Seat Covers

Now, having green front seats is highly unique. You won’t find high quality green in neoprene seat covers, so why not get Katzkin leather seats in the color green. Green is the color of money, and going with it definitely can help say that you’re swimming in it!

Blue Leather Seat Covers

Blue leather is a choice for automotive seat interiors that is making a comeback. We’ve got perfect matches for new models coming from the automakers, like the Ford Maverick and the newest offroad SUV taking the auto world by storm, the Ford Bronco.

Grey Leather Seat Covers

Another popular choice with consumers is grey. Typically, you see grey leather in cars from the dealership, but Katzkin goes above and beyond with our grey leather seats. Check out some of the different looks you can achieve to boost your interior style with grey leather from Katzkin.

Pink Leather Seat Covers

Pink is a bold choice for leather seat covers, and it definitely shows you have a lot of confidence. While it may look its best in white or black vehicles, who’s to stop you from being you? If pink is your thing, then Katzkin’s more than ready to get you started with your dream seats in pink Suedezkin!